Your Village Hall Needs You

How does the Village Hall Survive?

The Village Hall is a Charity, it aims to provide services to the Parish and maintain a financial balance, ie its non-profit making, but needs income to maintain the Village Hall building and services.  It does this by;

  • Organising Events, such as dances, quizes etc
  • Hiring out the Village Hall to parishioners
  • Organising the yearly Village Fete
  • Running the 50s club



The 50's Club

Stowe by Chartley Village Hall lies at the heart of the community and is of course available to hire throughout the year  for all occasions eg weddings receptions, birthday parties, group meetings etc.


However, like all important community buildings the Hall needs money and volunteer time to ensure the building is well maintained.

For many years the village hall committee has organised a monthly prize raffle.


For a yearly fee of £30 you can join the club.


You will receive a lucky number and each month your number will be entered into the draw. The winner receives £60 each month.

There is also an extra Christmas draw which means you have 13 winning chances per year.


The monies received provides essential “bedrock” finance for the Hall.


 There are currently several available lucky numbers – if you are keen to join the club please ring Chris Welch 07791 468610 or 01889 271117

or for all the details.  


Payment via Bank Transfer is preferred:  Stowe Village Hall, 01-01-38, 25415158, please use payment reference: 50s club


The Village Fete

The Village Fete is held yearly, its run on the Parish Council owned parish field, by the side of the Village Hall.  We thank the Parish Council for the use of this field on a yearly basis.  We organise various stalls for the benefit of Children and their parents such as BBQ, Punch and Judy, a Raffle and games galore.  The Fete is key in income terms to funding the Hall, without this event the Hall would most certainly run at a loss and would eventually have to close.   Fete income is dependent on many factors, weather for instance, below is a breakdown of the last few years with an assessment of the number of visitors on the day each year.


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